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A Viennese Desert Experience

An assortment of fine pastries, cannoli, cream
puff, eclair, mini cheesecake,
cookie, brownie, and mini rugelach.

$3.95 per guest
Bistro's Own Homemade Cookies

Chocolate chip, macadamia, nut vanilla sugar,
white chocolate cherry, coconut pecan,
and peanut butter.

$1.75 per guest
Italian Pastry tray

Cannoli, cream puff, eclair, and an assortment
of daily specials make up this beautiful tray.

$3.50 per guest

Brownies and Bars

Our own homemade brownie and blondies
with our new lemon squares, carmel apple
square and pecan squares.

$2.50 per guest
Layer Cakes For Any Occasion

Chocolate or vanilla cake with your choice of this
fillings. Bananas, strawberries, vanilla custard,
chocolate mousse, lemon pudding, cannoli cream,
peaches, hazelnut, mousse or just whipped cream.

Quarter sheet serves 25 guests $60.00
Half sheet serves 50 guests $100.00
The Gala Sweets Experience

A mixture of all the above pastries, sweets 
and fruit artfully plated per individual tables
so that your guests remain seated while 
enjoying the festivites. Also served with 
full coffee service & bottled water.

7.95 per guest

Business Bistro Catering
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